Element of Guru Tattva in Kung Fu Panda


Dream works production had brought one of the beautiful series titled Kung Fu Panda. Here they have taken a Panda from the peace valley of China. He’s lazy and clumsy but still dreams of becoming a Kung Fu Legend. Later he faces many adversities but his innocence and consistency in achieving his dreams will keep him alive in this game of defending Peace Valley. It began as a 2008 film, followed by two sequels in 2011 and 2016. Later it also occupied some space in web series by producing “Dragon Knight” and “Paws of Destiny”.

Watching Kung Fu Panda as a Bharatiya 

Here, we’ve found Guru Tattva as one of the prominent element in the series of Kung Fu Panda. When watching Kung Fu Panda as a Bharatiya gives a different taste to one’s expectations. In our Parampara, we believe that the ‘Acharya’ or ‘Guru’ position is most important in one’s life. Guru is the one who can help you to cross the river of the mundane as well as the one who stands behind you to show the clear path even in the deep darkness. As Sadguru says “The purpose of Guru is to throw light on dimensions that are not yet in your experience. Growth, not solace is the purpose of Guru’’, we can find a similar incident in Kung Fu Panda’s first part.

Po is aware of Shifu’s disregard towards him in this situation. He repeatedly knocked on his master’s door to ask for instructions. He refused to instruct him though. Later, when Oogway has left, Shifu concludes that he has no choice but to teach Po. While responding to his question about storing food packets in the higher cabinets, he makes an effort to study him. He is taken aback after seeing Po scale a 20-foot wall to reach the biscuits. Then he makes up his mind to instruct him in Kung Fu and divulge its secret.

Understand Swabhava and Guna of the disciples

Even our ancestors or gurus from Gurukula were of the same kind. They used to spend most of their time with their disciples to understand their ‘Swabhava’ and ‘Guna’. Later after making a proper examination on them, they stepped further to intervene and correct their mistakes. Even Master Shifu emphasizes this in the movie saying that “Before the battle of the fist, comes the battle of the mind”. The element of Guru Tattva, and how he engages with his Shishyas has shown almost similar to our Parampara in this sequence of Kung Fu Panda.

By that point, it is clear that Buddhism, which originated in India, is the source of most of the moral principles displayed in Kung Fu Panda. And if we dig deep, we find that the Indian thinkers were able to clearly see the division of Gurus and their function in a person’s life. Will describe it in more detail in the upcoming article.

Someshwar Gurumath
Someshwar Gurumath
Someshwar Gurumath is an author, poet, public speaker, singer, lyric writer and a passionate filmmaker from Harihara Karnataka. He has authored four anthologies so far. He aspires to bring unified cultural consciousness and motivate people to work towards the renaissance of Bharata.

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