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Pratipaksha: Framing Futures

In a world increasingly shaped by narratives, there is an urgent call for platforms that delve beyond surface-level discourse. "Pratipaksha - Framing Futures" emerges as a beacon in this landscape, championing the development of counter-narratives that are rooted in ethical considerations and a deep understanding of cultural dynamics.

This lab is dedicated to crafting strategies that navigate the complexities of modern narratives. It recognizes the crucial need to create, expand, and push narratives that embody a multifaceted understanding of contemporary issues, especially in an era marked by the rise of online extremism and claims of societal intolerance.

"Pratipaksha - Framing Futures" is not just about reacting to existing narratives but proactively building new ones that foster understanding and empathy. It's an endeavor to narrate stories from an angle not typically explored, offering alternative viewpoints that encourage critical thinking and dialogue.

Combining traditional Indic wisdom with modern analytical frameworks, Pratipaksha aims to frame futures where narratives are not just heard but understood in their entirety, bringing to light the unexplored and often overlooked aspects of our collective stories.

Inspired by the civilizational wisdom of Pratipaksha Bhavana from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 'Pratipaksha' is dedicated to cultivating a diverse range of narratives. Our mission transcends the simple dichotomy of positive and negative discourses. Instead, we focus on introducing balanced, nuanced perspectives to every narrative, whether it challenges prevailing misconceptions or brings depth to superficially positive stories. Our approach is about enriching the conversation with layered, multifaceted viewpoints, fostering a dialogue that embraces complexity and encourages a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of issues.

Pratipaksha - A Counternarrative Lab

Reframing Reality, One Narrative at a Time


Pratipaksha aims to revolutionize how we perceive and engage with the world's stories. By challenging the dominant narratives and offering fresh, insightful perspectives, we seek to foster a deeper understanding and dialogue in our society. Our focus is on creating accessible, thought-provoking content that encourages critical thinking and broadens viewpoints.
We provide valuable resources like user-friendly toolkits and guides, alongside engaging social media content, to empower individuals and communities in reshaping narratives. Join us in our mission to transform societal discourse, one compelling narrative at a time, and be a part of a more inclusive and enlightened conversation.



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